Meet the CurrencyFairy!

- March 10, 2014

We love working with clients who really have something to shout about . CurrencyFair have developed an innovative platform for currency exchange which we think will make a big impact in the marketplace. We think their marketing team has made a good call not to try and focus on the nitty-gritty of the mechanics of FX, but instead wrapped a core 'save money' message in a truly off-the-wall ad.

Simple messaging, brand memorable and funny. We're not sure how they convinced one of the most recognisable faces in rugby to do this (or if the person who first talked to him had the guts to suggest it face-to-face in the first place!) The ad is running on TV in Ireland and the UK and we are working with CurrencyFair to market their service to specific target groups of expats in various countries.

The initial idea was to go with some very simple ad units with strong branding and short message. When we saw their new campaign, we made something a lot more fun which should provide much higher impact for the brand and drive more attention to the online ad.

Project outline: Creatives include all sizes in standard universal ad package. Will be in three languages, which will include localisation of messaging specific to each language. Creatives have several initial variants (speed, message, layout) and will be A/B tested to select optimal performance units.

James Kielty from CurrencyFair commented;
It's been great working with Expat Audience, everyone here was impressed how they quickly came up with an online campaign which fits well with the brand. We're excited about taking our message out to a wider market in more countries.

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